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Global Demand For GOFOS Set to Rise After Proposed UK Sugar Advertising Ban

In July, the UK government unveiled its proposed plans to introduce a ban on certain types of food advertising across the country. In an effort to protect the nation from COVID-19, the government and relevant health authorities (like the NHS and its advisory bodies) revealed a plan to combat high levels of obesity among the population. According to reported research, obesity-related conditions seem to worsen the effects of COVID-19, with some statistics linking obesity to a 48% increase of death from the virus.


Norkem’s Zinc Oxide Range


Norkem is able to offer a comprehensive range of Zinc Oxide grades, which are being delivered and shipped as normal in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. With technical grades produced by American Process, Red Seal and High Purity made by French Process and Active Zinc oxide made by Chemical Wet Process, Norkem can provide Zinc Oxide to suit every application and industry. Norkem has a long history of supplying Zinc oxide to clients and partners, and has taken every care to secure the supply chain to ensure consistent stock. 


New Product launch of Fructo-oligosaccharides - GOFOS


Norkem is delighted to share the exclusive addition of a new product to their range. As one of the leading chemical stockists and distributors in the world, Norkem has once again been selected as the ideal sales partner in the UK for a major global producer. Under this partnership, Norkem will promote and stock one of the company’s key products - known as GOFOS. 


Norkem Supplies Hand Wash, Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning Chemicals During COVID-19


The current COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world in recent months. Many industries have been changed or transformed by the pandemic - and the chemicals supply industry is no exception.  Indeed, the chemicals supply industry has seen a key change in the demand for various stock during the public efforts to manage the pandemic. One of the key ways in which the virus is being controlled is through a greater public emphasis and awareness on regular vigorous hand washing, currently advised by government legislation to be both often and last for a duration of minimum twenty seconds at a time. As a result, the demand for handwash, hand sanitizers and soap has skyrocketed during the pandemic, both at a commercial scale and an industrial scale, as manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand.  


Norkem Supports FSA’s Novel Foods Application For CBD


Norkem, the leading link in the UK chemicals supply chain, is pleased to announce their support for the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA’s) novel food application regulations of CBD products. The FSA’s novel food application process sets out the due process for analysing and producing CBD products for consumption in the United Kingdom. Under these FSA requirements, any CBD food products which do not have a validated submission before the 31 March 2021 deadline will be removed from public sale. Applications may be submitted to the FSA, and as such, the novel foods application process will restrict only unregistered products without a validated submission, allowing the unrestricted supply and sale of valid and authorised products from many leading growers and manufacturers to continue under food law. 


Our COVID-19 Statement


From all of us here at Norkem, we would like to extend our sincerest support to all those who have been affected by the recent outbreak of COVID-19. These truly are unprecedented times and the global uncertainty for many businesses and industries is completely understandable. Norkem supplies an enormous variety of industries and sectors, many of which will be facing new challenges at the present time.