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The sugar tax – there is an alternative… >

Global stockist and distributor Norkem are a specialist supplier to the food and drink sector.  The announcement of a UK sugar levy on the Soft Drinks industry, often referred to as the ‘sugar tax’ and due to be implemented in April 2018, gives manufacturers a major headache.  Many are now turning to sugar alternatives such as Sucralose as they undergo a hasty product reformulation process.

It has been proposed that revenue raised from the tax be used to boost sports in Primary Schools and the UK is not the only country to implement such a strategy.  Aimed primarily at cutting childhood obesity, it has been trialed in a number of other countries with some success.

A spokesman for Norkem commenting on alternatives to sugar advised ‘as sugar is removed from soft drinks it needs to be replaced with a sweet alternative. There are many options, but the preferred additive appears to be Sucralose due to its versatility, sweetness and taste.  As you might expect this has caused a surge in demand, not just in the UK but across global markets.’

Norkem are quick to allay any supply fears, ‘we have a long-standing partnership with an established Sucralose producer and despite some shortages in the market we have no problems with availability. In addition to Sucralose we offer other non-sugar sweeteners such as Acesulfame K, Aspartame, Saccharin and Stevia derivatives so whatever your requirements are we can help.’