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Norkem Unveils New Company Website >

The upgraded website features a fresh design, improved navigation and many other functional enhancements which help make the website a more comprehensive and user-friendly online resource.

“The new Norkem website aims to be a friendly, easy to read website for people looking for a trusted and independent chemical supplier,” Group Managing Director Alan Nicholson said.

“In addition to providing a wealth of comprehensive information to our visitors via new products and improved online chemical specifications, we’re also encouraging visitors to give us their feedback about the site. We’ve listened to our customers over the years and incorporated the websites content based directly on their feedback but we are always looking for ways to improve our service.”

Nicholson went on to say “The launch of the new site exemplifies Norkems efforts to further engage with its customers and suppliers. Our goal in upgrading the Norkem website was to showcase our products in a clear and understandable way. We are always striving to provide value and improved customer satisfaction at all times and we are very excited about our new website.”

“In addition to providing extended information to visitors, the new website will also play an important role in spearheading our drive to increase our market awareness and brand internationally.”