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Norkem Report 2016 Results and Sunday Times List Success >

Norkem Report 2016 Results and Sunday Times List Success

UK based international chemical distributor Norkem announce review of their results and hail their Sunday Times Success

The board of Norkem made the following announcement about the group’s performance in 2016 and include an announcement of  their success at achieving entry into the Sunday Times list of Top Track 250 Companies for the second year running.

“Once again our company has been recognised in a UK national newspaper as one of the fastest growing businesses in the country and we are justifiably proud of this achievement, which has been awarded now for two years running. 

The growing international reputation we enjoy has been further enhanced by new customers for us from Brazil, South Africa, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.  They are appreciative of our very high standard of service and prompt attention to their needs. 

We service a great variety of industries; for example: animal feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction and have expanded our range of products into these areas.  Examples include a large array of chemicals for galvanising, Sucralose for the food industry and new surface stains for construction.  There are also a number of exciting new projects in the pipeline in which we will succeed in the coming year.

We must not forget our core products which over the years have been developed to make us market leaders in some areas; for instance: Zinc Oxide, Barium Carbonate, Copper Sulphate, Iodine and its derivatives.  In all of these products we represent some of the world’s leading producers who I am sure appreciate that the Norkem Group now sell their products in over twenty countries on most continents.  We certainly appreciate their support and hope to build on longstanding relationships worldwide in our supply sources, some lasting over twenty years.

None of this would be possible without the efforts of all of our staff, currently situated in all parts of the world, and the Directors thank them most sincerely for their efforts and look forward to another successful year in 2017”.