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Norkem’s Spanish Growth - Keeps Growing! >

Norkem’s Spanish Growth - Keeps Growing!

Cheshire based international chemical distributor Norkem announce development of their food and drink sector in the Spanish region.

The board of Norkem UK made the following announcement about the Groups performance in the Spanish region.

Norkem have developed strong sales growth across all regions, channels and products during 2016, with a particularly notable performance in Spain and Italy.

A Norkem source has been quoted as saying "The natural diversification of our portfolio of products and geographies is a source of balanced and continued growth for Norkem overall. In addition, through our strong governance processes and our proactive management approach we seek to make the most of opportunities as they arise.

Our Spanish operation is a case in point, we have seen significant strategic diversification and organic sales growth in the region, and we are committed to maximising the potential for this across Spain and into Italy where we have recently established a new office.

It is for this reason that we are committing significant investment into the Spanish region with our food and drink business.  Operational processes and personnel are all in place to make solid gains. A complete set of product brochures and product programmes are now available to support this important initiative”.