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Feed Safety and Quality are key issues for all companies handling feedstuffs and can have serious consequences when control is lost. A systematic approach is imperative for reducing risk and improving quality. 

GMP+ was originally developed to harmonize requirements for feed in order to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire feed chain. It is based on widely recognized principles of quality assurance and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). It guarantees that feed products are produced, processed, traded, stored and transported in a controlled manner.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Norkem Turkey (Norkem Kimyasal Maddeler Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti) has achieved GMP+ certification.

Norkem Turkey meets the requirements of standard B3: Trade, Collection and Storage & Transhipment. GMP+ certification means that Norkem Turkey has achieved a very high standard for feed safety and provides an additional qualitative guarantee of reliability, quality, sustainability, and safety to our customers.

This certification is part of a multi-site certification with our other offices within the Norkem Group including, Norkem Ltd, Norkem BV, Norkem Quimica and Norkem Srl.