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Norkem Awarded AA Grading From BRCGS >

At Norkem, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) AA grading for Agents & Brokers, with zero non-conformances.

We are sure this news will be warmly welcomed by all of our clients and partnerswithin the food and drink sector, as this certificate recognises the high quality of our work. You can be confident that our supply chain management and production processes deliver the value and excellence you are looking for.

The BRGCS for Agents & Brokers exists to provide a clear standard of product legality, safety and quality for those who act as the crucial link between supplier, retailer and customer. Norkem fall into this category, as we facilitate the trade of ambient food ingredients. By being recognised as having high quality standards ourselves, we can act as a positive influence on our suppliers. They know that we will not accept any inadequate product and so are encouraged to raise their own standards.

As part of the certification process, Norkem was audited in the following areas:

  • Senior management commitment and continual improvement
  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Product safety and quality management system
  • Supplier and subcontracted service management
  • Personnel

Who are BRGCS?

A major brand and consumer protection organisation, the BRGCS’s aim is to ensure that a high quality standard is consistently met by manufacturers. A recognisable name in the food and drink industry, BRCGS grades are sought-out by leading retailers who are seeking assurances of protection for the end consumer. Working with certification bodies like NSF International, BRCGS examines quality, safety and operational standards. By securing a grade from the BRCGS, manufacturers can fulfill their legal obligations.

Who are NSF International?

Our certification has been awarded by NSF International, a highly experienced organisation whose testing laboratory is based in Wales. There, they have the ability to test a wide variety of products against industry standards, looking at both mechanical and hygienic properties. NSF International is well-respected across a range of sectors, providing detailed reports and accurate results to multiple certification bodies.