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Food and Drink team enjoy significant growth throughout 2019  >

It looks to be a great year for Norkem’s Food and Drink department, who have broken previous tonnage records within their Food & Drink sector. This team has seen an expansion on their product range, which has in turn brought about a positive increase in overall revenue for the year. 
There are several product alterations which have occurred within the department, perhaps the most significant of which is Norkem’s development of its available range of CBD products. 

Norkem are now actively selling CBD, in multiple forms, widely heralded for its potential properties as a painkiller and medicine. Often, people mistakenly believe that CBD oil and products contains THC - tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. No THC is present in any of our CBD oil products.

Our CBD oil is available with CBD concentrations between 1% and 40% and is available either as a highly refined golden oil or a darker RAW oil. For a water-soluble option (which can be mixed in with drinks) select our CBD Liposomal Water Soluble grade. Completely vegan and naturally-occurring, this form is available in concentrations between 5% and 10%. Our CBD Distillate is available, for a purer and more concentrated product, between 50% and 80% - which remains free of THC and contains all-natural plant compounds.

Norkem is delighted to have partnered with a chief European CBD grower and refiner to provide CBD-infused products to the estimated quarter of a million consumers in the UK alone. 

In addition to this oil, Norkem have a newly developed grade of CBD specifically designed for the sports nutrition sector, which has been added to the range of products available. This product, CBD powder, is a 5% or 10% CBD Powdered material, especially suited for protein shakes, and the wider sports and health nutrition sector.

A further contributor to the success of the Food & Drink team are sales of Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid Solution this year, with excellent tonnage figures reported to date. 

Norkem are delighted with the success of the Food & Drink team this year and strongly believe they will continue with this success in 2020.