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Norkem celebrates its 50th Year! >


Norkem are delighted to announce that this year marks a special milestone in the company’s history. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary since Norkem was founded by Mike Smith and Ron Colling back in 1970. That year saw the pair found what was to become a global distribution group, specialising in the movement and distribution of chemicals worldwide. 


Based in Knutsford, Cheshire, Norkem have expanded their reach exponentially in the last 50 years. Thanks to their fast and continued success, Norkem has opened offices in Spain, Holland, China, and Australia in addition to their headquarters in the UK, ensuring that they can provide a truly global service to their customer base. As diverse as these locations are the many and varied sectors supplied by Norkem’s products. These include such disparate areas as Animal Nutrition and Health, Food and Drink, Agrochemical, Suspensions and Pharmaceuticals. An additional customer base is the continued supply of industrial chemicals to a cross-section of many businesses. 

This truly worldwide reach enabled by multiple global locations allows Norkem to continue to deliver a vast range of chemicals to their existing customer base, as well as forming new professional networks. 

Norkem in 2019: 

2019 saw Norkem go from strength to strength, despite continued political and economic uncertainty occurring worldwide throughout the year. Norkem’s multi-operational platform has seen them thrive in each of their varied locations, successes which are owed to the strength of each team and department, as well as the continued loyalty of their customers. 

The quality of Norkem’s products is a further contributor to this success, which is ensured by the dedication and commitment of the extensive Quality Department. This department checks both quality and that each product meets any relevant compliance requirements. 


2019 additionally ushered in an expansion of Norkem’s global product ranges. For instance, Norkem are introducing Zinc Borate as a new addition to their lines, ideal for fire retardants, as well as pharmaceutical chemicals like Iodine derivatives. This year will see Norkem’s Food Ingredients range expand even further, building on its success of last year. A further expansion of Norkem’s reach in 2019 was the creation of new partnerships in many countries, including Peru, Cambodia and China.

Looking ahead to 2020:

Norkem are proud that the beginning of a new decade not only marks their 50th anniversary as a business, but also that they are beginning the year from a position of strength and success. This has been made possible through the continued support and loyalty from staff, clients and suppliers over the past fifty years, to all of whom Norkem offers their sincerest gratitude. With this support, Norkem will continue to provide products and services of the highest quality for many years to come.