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Norkem, the leading UK-based international chemical supplier and distributor, are thrilled to announce that they will be attending and exhibiting at Chem UK 2020 in May. This will be Norkem’s first exhibition at ChemUK, which is itself a new exhibition. The UK’s Chemical Industries Supply Chain Expo, ChemUK will be held on the 13th & 14th May in Event City, Trafford City, in Manchester, UK.  


ChemUK is the UK’s latest Chemical Industries Supply Chain Expo & Open Conference, which has been designed to bring together all aspects and vital stakeholders of the UK’s Chemical & Chemical Products industries. This conference is a comprehensive overview for all suppliers, distributors and stakeholders of chemical and chemical products industries, offering 2 days of networking, business development, best practice, handling of issues, as well as supply chain sourcing experience.


Norkem as a company takes pride in their up-to-the-minute and comprehensive industry knowledge, as well as their exceptional understanding of the industry, global climate and market in which they operate. This knowledge is ameliorated by our attendance at exhibitions like ChemUK, which helps us to have the very latest in industry knowledge, updates, new technology and more.  


In addition, Norkem are able to maintain their unparalleled professional relationships with fully accredited suppliers by attending these dedicated exhibitions. We are able to maintain our competitive pricing, sustainability in chemical supply and commitment to the future of the industry with our attendance of events like ChemUK, which is integral to the future of the field. 


Norkem will be sending a team of staff from each of their European offices to ChemUK 2020, including their UK branch, alongside representatives from Norkem branches in both The Netherlands and Spain. 


Free to register, attend, and even park - ChemUK is set to be the year’s most expansive chemical supply chain expo and open conference. Norkem will be appearing over the two days of the conference, the 13th and 14th of May 2020, exhibiting at stand D45. We look forward to welcoming you.