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Norkem now supplying Zinc Oxide 75% Feed grade >

Norkem are able to supply a full spectrum of grades of Zinc Oxide, from our 72% Animal Feed Grade through to our High Purity products suitable for pharmaceutical applications.  Material is available in 25 kilo bags, 1000 kilo bags and in bulk road tankers. Custom packaging is available upon request.
Zinc Oxide 75% Feed Grade is primarily used by the animal feed sector and the product is supplied under Norkem’s FEMAS/GMP+ accreditations.
Norkem have a dedicated European Animal Feed team which has recently expanded to meet with the sectors ever increasing demands. The team, responsible for both sourcing and supplying products into the animal feed industry have in-depth product and market knowledge and are available to discuss your needs, simply contact us via phone or e-mail. 

Zinc Oxide Uses

Zinc Oxide has a huge range of uses across enormously varied sectors and industries. For instance, forms of Zinc Oxide are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in rubber production, tyre production, ceramics, fertiliser, paint, and animal feed.
As it is renowned for its broad UVA and UVB blocking abilities, Zinc Oxide is often added to sunscreens for stronger protection. Non-allergenic zinc oxide can be used in the treatment of skin conditions and lotions, including eczema, dermatitis, nappy rash and dandruff. In addition, it can be used in the treatment of burns as an additive in burn lotion. 
Zinc Oxide can be used in the ceramics industry in glaze work. When Zinc Oxide is added to a glaze mixture, it will improve the glaze’s elasticity and the melting point will be lowered, resulting in a diminished chance of cracking and a smoother finish.
Please contact us via phone or email to discuss how we can supply your Zinc Oxide requirements.