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Norkem now supplying Zinc Oxide 75% Feed grade >


Norkem are delighted to expand their portfolio of products available, with the addition of a new grade of Zinc Oxide. The Zinc Oxide 75% Feed Grade is a welcome addition to Norkem’s product portfolio and compliments our already comprehensive Zinc Oxide range.  


Now, Norkem is pleased to be able to supply a full range of grades of Zinc Oxide, (including powder and granular) ranging from our 75% Animal Feed grade through to products suitable for Pharmaceutical applications.



What is Zinc Oxide?


Zinc Oxide is a chemical compound which has the appearance of white powder. Though naturally it occurs as the mineral zincite, the majority of zinc oxide is produced through synthetic means. Soluble in acids and Insoluble in water, Zinc Oxide can be produced through varying different manufacturing processes- Indirect (French), Direct (American) and the Wet chemical process. From Norkem, this material is available in 25 kilo and 1000 kilo nett bags and in bulk road tankers, with custom packaging available if necessary.



Zinc Oxide Uses


Zinc Oxide has a huge range of uses across enormously varied sectors and industries. For instance, forms of Zinc Oxide are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, in rubber production, tyre production, ceramics, fertiliser, paint, and animal feed.

Zinc oxide is also widely used within the pharmaceutical and medical industries. It can be typically found within surgical tape thanks to its impressive retention of tack over time. Friendly to skin and easy to tear, it can help prevent infections. This type of tape is frequently used by athletes to prevent soft tissue damage.


As it is renowned for its broad UVA and UVB blocking abilities, zinc oxide is often added to sunscreens for stronger protection. Non-allergenic (which means it cannot produce an allergic reaction as opposed to hypoallergenic, which means an allergic reaction is less likely) , zinc oxide can be used in the treatment of skin conditions and lotions, including eczema, dermatitis, diaper rash and dandruff. In addition, it can even be used in the treatment of burns, as an additive in burn lotion. 


 It can be used in the ceramics industry in glaze work. When zinc oxide is added to a glaze mixture, it will improve the glaze’s elasticity and the melting point will be lowered, resulting in a diminished chance of cracking and a smoother finish.



Use of Zinc Oxide 75%: Our Dedicated Animal Feed Team 


Zinc Oxide 75% is a grade which is primarily used by the Animal Feed sector, and the product reaches Norkem’s quality standards and  FEMAS/GMP+ accreditations under Norkem’s FEMAS/GMP+. 


It is used as the zinc component of feeding livestock, and is safe and beneficial for animal consumption. Here at Norkem, we have a dedicated European Animal Feed team. This team has recently expanded, and is responsible for both sourcing and selling animal feed products, including our existing Zinc Oxide 72% and the new 75% Feed grade, as well as Zinc Oxide High Purity.  To speak to a member of our European Animal Feed team about deliveries of Zinc Oxide 75% Feed Grade, simply get in touch with us via phone or email


At Norkem, we are always working to expand our product range and pleased to be able to offer a diverse range of products to meet the needs of all our clients’ industries.