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Norkem is able to offer a comprehensive range of Zinc Oxide grades, which are being delivered and shipped as normal in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. With technical grades produced by American Process, Red Seal and High Purity made by French Process and Active Zinc oxide made by Chemical Wet Process, Norkem can provide Zinc Oxide to suit every application and industry. Norkem has a long history of supplying Zinc oxide to clients and partners, and has taken every care to secure the supply chain to ensure consistent stock. 


With over 50 years’ experience of this product, Norkem supplies a full range of Zinc Oxide grades as a stock item, including powder and granular, which are used in a  myriad of applications across the globe. These applications include paints, coatings, pigments, pharmaceuticals, tyre, rubber compounds, ceramics and fertilizers. Norkem can distribute Zinc Oxide across Europe using our network of warehouses located throughout Europe and beyond.   


Enquiries within Europe can be received by any one of our European offices, with dedicated and experienced Zinc Oxide teams placed at each. Contact our office in The Netherlands for a multilingual experienced Zinc Oxide team on hand and well placed to respond to all your enquiries. 


Zinc Oxide: Production & Processes 


Zinc oxide typically takes the form of white powder, which is soluble in acids and insoluble in water. This material is vital for applications across the manufacturing of zinc chemicals, cosmetics and horticultural industries, and is produced in three distinct ways.


The Indirect method, known as ‘French-Process’ requires the melting of zinc metal, which is then vaporised by boiling, and then it is finally oxidised in order to produce Zinc Oxide. 


The Direct method, termed the ‘American-Process’ method, requires first that the zinc containing raw materials be reduced by carbon, which then generates a zinc vapour. This zinc vapour is then oxidised through the process of air combustion to produce the finished product of Zinc Oxide. 


An active grade zinc oxide is produced by so-called ‘Wet Chemical Process’ and has a very fine particle size with a high surface area and low impurities, mainly  used in rubber compounding and latex.


Norkem offers an extensive range of grades made by all 3 above mentioned production methods . 




A sector in which Zinc Oxide is key is within the paint and ceramic industry and in the creation of glazes. By adding Zinc Oxide to the glaze mixture, its elasticity is greatly improved and the melting point lowered, to minimise the chance of cracking and to produce a smoother finish. Paint, on the other hand, often requires the addition of Zinc Oxide to provide corrosion prevention, mildew resistance, in addition to stain blocking support - while Zinc Oxide is the key white pigment in the shade ‘Zinc White’.  


Zinc Oxide is also used as coating over surfaces and metals in order to prevent corrosion. This is particularly prevalent among marine vehicles and equipment, which stand at a high corrosion risk due to the high level of salt in seawater. 


Other zinc compounds, such as Zinc Borate and Zinc Phosphate, have applications ranging from paper, textiles, orthodontics, adhesives and rubber, in addition to being a flame retardant in plastics and cellulose fibres. 


Packaging is available in bulk, standard 25 kilo and 1000 kilo nett big bags or custom packaging upon request. If you would like to enquire further about Zinc Oxide availability or bespoke packaging and requirements, please contact us and our teams will assist you.