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Global Demand For GOFOS Set to Rise After Proposed UK Sugar Advertising Ban  >

In July, the UK government unveiled its proposed plans to introduce a ban on certain types of food advertising across the country. In an effort to protect the nation from COVID-19, the government and relevant health authorities (like the NHS and its advisory bodies) revealed a plan to combat high levels of obesity among the population. According to reported research, obesity-related conditions seem to worsen the effects of COVID-19, with some statistics linking obesity to a 48% increase of death from the virus.

Indeed, the UK has one of the highest obesity rates in the world and the highest coronavirus death rate in Europe, which some scientists are linking as related statistics. As part of this campaign to lessen the impact of COVID-19 by reducing obesity-related conditions, the government has revealed a proposition to reduce advertising junk food and sugary foods prior to the 9pm watershed in the UK, both on television and online. These propositions are in addition to the suggested measures of calorific content published on restaurant menus, to allow the public to see the calories inherent in their food. To further the proposed ban, there is some question of outlawing adverts for high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar (HFSS) products online altogether. 


This lack of advertising exposure, it is claimed, will result in a decrease in the consumption of junk foods and HFSS foods in general, thus reducing the risk of obesity-related deaths from COVID-19. With this in mind, many food production companies and manufacturers, both across the UK and further afield, are once again reconsidering the ingredients in their finished goods. Many are turning to alternatives to high-sugar, high-fat foods - considering instead natural alternatives like GOFOS. 


GOFOS, stocked by Norkem, is the conventional term for a group of fructo-oligosaccharides, also called ‘short chain fructo-oligosaccharides’, sc-FOS, FOS, and Oligofructose. A sweet and soluble prebiotic fibre, GOFOS is low in calorific value - a quality which would work well with the government’s proposed publications of calorific values. GOFOS also boasts a low glycaemic index, in that it permits a reduction in the product’s sugar levels, but enriches the fibre content. 


Perfect for adding to perishables and consumable goods, GOFOS acts as a viable alternative to HFSS, both enhancing a product’s nutritional value whilst decreasing its sugar content. This multi-functional group of oligosaccharides also adds to the product’s shelf life and enhances volume, texture and firmness.


An ideal substitute for enhancing dietary nutritional needs, GOFOS is made from beet sugar by a proprietary unique enzymatic process, which then leads to the formation of GF2, GF3 and GF4 (GOFOS). This product can be added to baked goods, baby food, sweets and cakes, to reduce the sugar content at the same time as extending shelf life. 


The current alternative for additions to dietary fibre and reductions in sugar, Inulin, is inferior to GOFOS and currently in short supply - making GOFOS the obvious choice to tackle current issues of obesity and high-sugar content in foodstuffs. 


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