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CBD: Novel Foods Exemption Deadline Approaches  >

Norkem is pleased to have supported the Food Standard Agency (FSA) and its novel food application regulation of CBD products since its inception in February of this year. Now, with the novel foods application deadline approaching in the coming months, Norkem reiterates its commitment to the FSA’s regulation of CBD products and looks forward to the implementation of the FSA’s new regulatory system. 


The FSA is the regulatory body responsible for analysing and managing products produced and sold for consumption in the United Kingdom. The novel food application process for CBD is therefore the process of legally producing CBD products for consumption within the United Kingdom, in line with the latest medical and governmental guidance and legal requirement. The FSA announced earlier this year that under its new requirements, any Cannabinoids, of which CBD is just one, marketed for consumption in the United Kingdom must be validated with submission by their set deadline of 31 March 2021. Importantly, this novel food legislation has been designed to incorporate foodstuffs that were not in common consumption in the EU before the date of 15 May 1997 - in order to ensure the validation of all newer foodstuffs and items.


Any products which are not validated by this submission will be removed from public sale.Therefore, if a company needs to validate any CBD products, applications must only be submitted to the FSA by the aforementioned deadline, of 31 March 2021. 


Norkem is delighted to support this planned regulation of CBD products, which will facilitate the unrestricted supply and sale of safe, authorised and valid CBD products from current market-leading growers and manufacturers to continue unhampered. As reported by British Cannabis, the UK’s largest processor and extractor of hemp, CBD is the first cannabis compound which is on track to be approved and authorised in the same manner as a vitamin and supplement, for its numerous reported beneficial effects. 


With only approved suppliers allowed to produce and distribute cannabis-derived ingredients on this authorised, regulated and safe basis, Norkem is proud to support the ongoing authorisation, production and sale of CBD products by stocking products from only approved manufacturers. 


All of our CBD-derived products supplied here at Norkem have undergone strict testing in a multitude of ways to ensure compliance with the UK’s legal safety requirements. Our production partner is a world-leading manufacturer of CBD products. Norkem also maintains a safeguarded and truly impermeable supply chain to guarantee that the product, as well as being of the utmost purity and quality, is THC free. This means that the psychoactive ingredient is removed.


Norkem currently supplies various different grades of CBD available for purchase. These items range from naturally derived distillates of varying spectrums, powders, or highly refined oils: Norkem’s full CBD oil is available as a highly refined golden oil or a dark RAW oil, with CBD concentrations between 1% and 40%. Norkem’s CBD Distillate is both THC-free, and a purer, more concentrated product.


To learn more about the types of CBD-derived products Norkem stocks, please see our product page or our latest article for more information. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with our team. Here at Norkem, our expert teams continue to work together with manufacturers, growers and the FSA to support the continued success of regulating and distributing CBD products.