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Norkem’s New Product GOFOS Helping Nation Tackle Health Crisis >

Today, it is more important than ever to ensure that nutrition and physical health are at the forefront of our minds. Ensuring that we are in good physical health is essential during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which (in addition to exercise and hydration) means that the vitamins, fibres and minerals we consume is of paramount importance. 


As part of the campaign to protect the nation from the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the UK government has been attempting to encourage its citizens to monitor their nutritional intake and reduce their intake of refined sugars to tackle the country’s current obesity epidemic. As we have explored in previous articles, the recent analysis of obesity’s correlation with COVID-19 implied a potential 48% increased likelihood of death from the virus for those who are significantly overweight. With the nation consuming refined sugar at triple the recommended rate, the government has decided to tackle the problem at the source.

The proposed ‘advertising ban’ in July of this year was targeted towards reducing the advertising of junk food and sugary foods prior to the 9pm watershed in the UK, both on television and online. The later proposition, of calorific content being published on restaurant menus, to allow the public to see the calories inherent in their food, is on pause as hospitality in the UK complies with the second UK lockdown of the 5th of November.  This sits alongside the reported failure of the government to efficiently tackle the sugar content of foods; a reduction in sugar content of just 3% in food products sold in the UK has been reported between 2015 and 2019  - a far cry from the proposed target of 20% during the same period. 


In addition, it has been reported that another contributing factor to the issue of obesity in the UK at this critical juncture is the nation’s lack of fibre in their diets. It seems that 90% of us lack fibre which could help us lose weight, according to a report by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. Fibre, which keeps us feeling full for longer, additionally boosts protection against heart disease and cancer - making it a nutrient not-to-be missed.


How can such an all-encompassing health crisis be tackled?

One exciting solution to the problem is GOFOS - the common name for one of Norkem’s newest additions to their range.  GOFOS is the name given to a group of fructo-oligosaccharides, also called ‘short chain fructo-oligosaccharides’ - including sc-FOS, FOS, and Oligofructose. 


GOFOS is low in calorific value, and is a sweet, soluble prebiotic fibre - making it perfect to add into foodstuffs, drinks and nutritional powders like protein powders and smoothies. GOFOS has a low glycaemic index, meaning that wherever it is added, it reduces the product’s overall sugar levels while enriching the fibre content. The product, made from beet sugar, is suitable for inclusion in baby food, sweets, cakes, and baked goods, where it also has the enviable property of extending product shelf life. 


Prior to GOFOS, the additive Inulin was used to augment fibre and reduce sugar content - but the worldwide shortage of Inulin (and its inferior nutritional value) make GOFOS the clear choice. 


Norkem is pleased to be part of the solution, as one of the key UK stockists of GOFOS, and part of the UK’s nutrient and chemical supply chain. To speak to Norkem about arranging your order of GOFOS, please don’t hesitate to contact us where our expert teams will assist you with arranging your next delivery.