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Norkem Stocks Potassium Bicarbonate Ahead Of New Demand  >

Norkem is pleased to confirm a full stock of Potassium Bicarbonate ahead of newly increased demand as a result of increased global interest in the product’s capabilities. Potassium Bicarbonate is a highly useful and versatile product, which is used in several industry sectors including Food and Drink, Industrial and Animal Feed. Norkem has long supplied Potassium Bicarbonate for its myriad uses, which are now being expanded even further thanks to new research into its properties and qualities.


With new and exciting developments in the proven potentialities of Potassium Bicarbonate, Norkem is pleased to be able to confirm continuity of supply with good stock levels of the product stored across a network of locations.  


Potassium Bicarbonate has been a product at the centre of recent explorations within various sectors including Food and Drink and the Agricultural sector. Historically popular as an organic fungicide and as a raw material for some fire extinguishers, new investigations have taken place in Mexico regarding its use in foodstuffs to reduce levels of sodium, to adhere to new labelling laws introduced this year. The front of package labelling (FOPL) legislation, brought in on March 27, 2020, addresses issues around nutritional labelling of high-sodium products in Mexico.


This legislation determined that items containing an excess of 350mg of sodium per 100g of product needed to prominently display a warning label bearing the legend ‘Exceso de Sodio’ (‘Excess Sodium’). The implementation date for these changes was the 1st of October this year, leaving manufacturers of such goods with little time to turnaround the ingredients used in their product ranges. Displaying the label could impact a product’s popularity, but reducing sodium levels presents a challenge for manufacturers of beloved saltier goods. This culture shift will no doubt follow throughout the Americas and Europe, meaning increased demand for Potassium Bicarbonate in Food and is expected to drive exciting new product development campaigns. Norkem, as ever, will be on hand to assist as required. 


Potassium Bicarbonate has found itself in the spotlight for its properties of providing a salty taste without increasing the sodium content of the food. Manufacturers of snack foods are turning to Potassium Bicarbonate as a food-based additive to retain the flavour whilst enhancing the product’s nutritional value supported by research from the World Health Organisation. 


Other uses of Potassium Bicarbonate include its use as an organic fungicide to prevent and address fungal diseases in the garden. Whilst it’s commonly known that sodium is detrimental to the growth of plants, potassium bicarbonate can address these diseases without altering the sodium levels in your soil, plants, or water. 


Potassium Bicarbonate is used mostly to prevent fungal diseases, such as blights, spots and moulds. Many of Norkem’s clients are able to produce these fungal sprays using Potassium Bicarbonate from our supply chain. 

To arrange your order of Potassium Bicarbonate from Norkem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced Sales teams where we will be happy to assist you.