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Norkem Looks Ahead to 2021 >

We are pleased to report that here at Norkem, we have maintained,  and even strengthened, our global position throughout the preceding year. Our market-leading status in the provision of chemicals remains unaltered as we begin 2021: Norkem continues to hold a strong position in the provision of our major products, including Zinc Oxide, Manganese Compounds, Barium Compounds and Copper Sulphate. 


Norkem’s Food Division has also enjoyed a positive and prosperous year. Our sales of Citric Acid, Sucralose, Guar Gum and Potassium Sorbate, among other products, have set the Food Division on a strong course for 2021.  


Elsewhere, Norkem’s Pharmaceutical Division is enjoying a boost thanks to our expanded range of Pharmaceutical products, including Iodine and Potassium Iodate. These products are enjoying renewed attention and investigation for their current and potential uses, representing a wealth of possibilities for future products. 


Norkem’s Building Division has been busy too; providing a range of Suspensions for the brick industry. The Building Division has additionally proved successful creating new brick stains, alongside our well-stocked and successful range of Barium and Manganese Compounds.  


The majority of our products are sold worldwide; Norkem’s position as a truly global name means that these products are sold from our various branches throughout the world. Our branches exist in Australia, Chile, China, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and The Netherlands, as well as the United Kingdom. 


Our products are always of the highest quality and standard. Together with our suppliers, we carry out evaluations and assessments on each product, determining quality and identifying that the product meets our stringent safety standards. It is Norkem’s commitment to global health and safety guidelines, even in particularly challenging global circumstances, that have helped us to maintain our market-leading status. Our teams are always confident that we have good stock levels, employing diligent communication with one another and our suppliers to ensure the smooth running of Norkem’s global operation. 


To this end, Norkem is extremely grateful to our wide range of suppliers for their continued support throughout the challenging year, and we look forward to an ongoing relationship for many years to come. As we enter our 51st year of business, Norkem would like to extend our sincerest thanks for the staunch loyalty of our customers, suppliers and of course our staff, all of whom contribute to our continued success.

We look to the year ahead as being another prosperous and successful year for Norkem, and look forward to maintaining our successful relationships with clients, as well as creating many new productive partnerships. From all of us here at Norkem, we wish our clients a successful and prosperous 2021.