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GOFOS Supply Remains Strong Following Brexit >


Norkem, a key part of the supply chain bringing GOFOS nationwide to the UK, has reported a surge in demand for the sugar replacement. Talks of Brexit trade deals between the EU and Israel, the home of the GOFOS production company Galam, could see trade ramping up between the two nations - clearing the way for GOFOS to be more widely introduced across the UK.


The sweetener and fibre additive markets have long recognised GOFOS (a group of known fructo-oligosaccharides, also called ‘short chain fructo-oligosaccharides’) as a key addition to their nutritional repertoire. GOFOS, a group which includes sc-FOS, FOS, and Oligofructose, has a number of properties and qualities which make it a suitable addition to foodstuffs for its significant array of nutritional benefits. 


Low in calorific value, GOFOS  has a low glycaemic index which reduces sugar levels wherever it is added. A sweet-tasting, soluble prebiotic fibre made from beet sugar, GOFOS is an ideal addition to various baked or dried foodstuffs, drinks and nutritional powders like protein powders and smoothies. Wherever it is added, its nutritional fibre content additionally enrichs that of the foodstuff; meaning it is often added to cakes, baked goods, sweets, and baby food, with an added bonus of extending the product’s shelf life. 


Recent studies into the role of short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides, as one of the most highly-consumed soluble prebiotic dietary fibers, revealed their key role in the innate immune system of human beings. Dr. Fernando Schved, a researcher in the field of the effects of probiotics on human microbiota in immune development, found that short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides can reduce concentrations of potential pre carcinogens in the colon. Dr. Schved additionally reported that sc-FOS may help reduce damages of oxidative stress and inflammation caused by improper nutrition - highlighting further benefits of GOFOS and related products in improving and maintaining health. 


Today, demand for probiotics like GOFOS remains high in the United Kingdom, as recent research reveals that the majority of adults are consuming sugar at triple the recommended daily rate. Possible new regulation on sugar levels following Britain’s exit from the European Union in January 2021 could mean that the drive for artificial nutritional sweeteners grows, as the UK moves to implement its own regulatory legislation. For many suppliers, this could pose a challenge.


Potential tariffs imposed on sweeteners and nutritional additives following the Brexit date of the 31st January left many overseas manufacturers with a sour taste: unprepared for the shift, some had not ensured sufficient stock levels in the UK to avoid the inevitable delays. Fortunately, Galam, Norkem’s Israel-based manufacturer of GOFOS, is able to continue supply of the fibre, despite these potential trade complexities.


Israel, as one of the few countries to have already signed an Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the UK,  remains in a strong position to continue supply of nutritional fibre to the UK. Signed in 2019, the FTA between the UK and Israel ensures that any product imported from Israel to the UK will not face any additional import duties or changes, meaning that Norkem’s stock of GOFOS remains unaffected by the political situation. 


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