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Company Update: Norkem’s Spanish Branch Expands  >

Norkem is pleased to report that its Spanish branch is undergoing an exciting expansion in multiple sectors after a successful quarter. In 2021, Norkem’s global divisions are going from strength to strength, and as a result have seen growth in a number of key areas over the past few months to remain a leader in the chemicals supply chain. 


A recent personnel development in Sales has seen a member of the team take responsibility for the Food and Detergent sector for both Spain and Italy. These dynamic sectors have continued to be central to Norkem’s recent success, with exciting new developments and product expansions in each attracting new business in the chemicals distribution sector. 


The Food and Detergent sectors primarily focus on a number of core products, but are expanding all the time to incorporate new developments in each. Our Spanish and Italian Food division currently focuses primarily on a number of exciting key products, which include the following updates: 



Updates in the oenological sector include citric acid, anhydrous and mono,  DL – malic acid, potassium sorbate, potassium bicarbonate, and ascorbic acid in the core product range, all of which are used within the practice of winemaking. Post-harvest, food grade potassium sorbate is used as treatment on fruit (citrics) making it a key product in this area. 


Pet Food 

In the pet nutrition sector, there have been key developments and offering expansions in our Italian and Spanish markets. These include the products potassium sorbate and STPP, both of which are used as key ingredients and additives into pet food to ameliorate its nutritional content and shelf-life. Potassium sorbate is commonly found as a preservative in semi-moist feed for dogs and cats and is considered completely safe for consumption by both dogs and cats, at a maximum content of 5000 mg/kg in complete feed. 



Producers of juices in these regions also benefit from this local product expansion. Norkem stock a range of citric acid, anhydrous and mono, and ascorbic acid - all essential water soluble additives for the production of juice, which are used to enhance a citrus flavour.


Other food products in our Italian and Spanish branches food sector that are undergoing exciting product range expansion include trisodium citrate , guar gum, xanthan gum, and sodium benzoate. 


In both Spain and Italy, Norkem’s detergents sector is under further expansion in select product fields. For instance, citric acid and trisodium citrate have been added to these local markets, which are essential in the production of detergent, offering qualities of cleansing and stain removal and allowing the detergent to work more effectively. 


The success of the Spanish and Italian branches, in addition to the development of these core divisions, is testament to the incredible hard work of our teams. Norkem could not be prouder of the company’s continued success in the chemicals supply sector and is looking forward to more expansion and development in 2021. 


Norkem’s Spanish and Italian branches are just two of the company’s seats worldwide. Our Norkem offices are worldwide, ensuring that we can provide a truly global service to our customer base. With offices in Spain, The Netherlands, China, South Africa and Australia, in addition to our headquarters in the UK, it’s safe to say that Norkem’s expansion is set to continue worldwide and allow us to continue providing the highest service in the chemicals supply chain to all our customers.