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Norkem lands exclusive distribution rights for groundbreaking vegan protein >

ProteVin has been developed by NextFerm as an alternative to plant-based proteins derived from rice, pea, hemp and soya. While demand for vegan alternatives to whey protein isolates is on the rise, there are drawbacks to many of the products introduced on the market so far.

Most plant derived proteins, for example, offer an inferior nutritional profile to whey proteins, lacking some of the essential amino acids found in animal protein. In addition, most have unpalatable tastes that have to be masked by other ingredients when added to foods.

ProteVin is different, however. Produced from baker’s yeast, it has a completely neutral taste and colour. But most exciting of all, it matches whey proteins in nutritional value.

This is potentially a major breakthrough in vegan dietary additives and supplements. As the trend in vegan food continues to boom, producers have long faced the challenge of how to match the protein content of animal-derived food products while ensuring high quality taste.

Premium vegan products

Because of its similar nutritional profile to whey protein, ProteVin has an obvious market in sports’ nutrition products like snack bars, shakes and supplements. But it also opens new opportunities for developing premium high protein vegan alternatives to things like cheese, cheese spreads, egg and seafood. Its neutral taste and colour makes the flavouring and aesthetic side of food development much easier.

Unveiled by NextFerm at Anuga Food Tech in Cologne, Germany in April 2022, the Israeli company also say that their fermentation-derived proteins avoid the digestion issues common with some plant-derived proteins. Because of the way they are manufactured, they are also highly sustainable and have a rapid time to market.

Elzaphan Hotam, CEO of NextFerm Technologies USA, told FoodIngredientsFirst: “We are producing a plant-based protein that no other vegan protein supplements in existence can deliver: It has a neutral taste and a perfect nutritional profile.

“We produce food ingredients and dietary supplements based on yeast fermentation. This process is very advantageous on many levels: It is highly sustainable, the quality of the product comes out very well, and it is cost-effective.”

For details on sourcing ProteVin in the UK and Ireland, please contact the Norkem food and drinks sales team.