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Norkem announce review of 2012 sales >

Alan Nicholson, Group Managing Director of Norkem made the following announcement about the Groups performance and challenges.

“Throughout 2012, we have worked successfully during an uncertain period despite the efforts of all Governmental Institutions to correct the financial malaise within the EU. However the Norkem Group has performed well this year with group sales estimated at €150 million.

Our strategy of expanding outside Europe has brought growth from our offices in China and Australia. Our Chinese colleagues have succeeded in forging closer links with Chinese suppliers and developing new markets in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

In Australia our business continues to expand with sales into the construction, animal feed and agrochemical sectors and diversification into further industries will commence soon.

Our European businesses, given difficult market conditions, are performing well with increased sales to all sectors due to the efforts of our staff in the Spanish, Dutch and UK offices. The development department has added new products to our range this year and we anticipate further new product ranges in 2013.

I am pleased to report the opening of offices in the USA and Chile, the latter having secured regular business in Brazil, Chile and Colombia with high expectation for the future.

Our suspensions business continues to perform well and of particular note is the introduction of specialist surface stains, which will enable us to offer our customers a much broader choice of brick colours to add to their range.

As we all know, every business is reliant upon the efforts of their staff and the continuing support of both customers and suppliers. My sincere thanks go to all staff, customers and suppliers associated with the Norkem Group and we look forward to continued success in the future.”