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Major Expansion of Norkem’s Nitrate Range >

Nitrates are well known for their use in agricultural fertilizers.  They play an important dual role in crop nutrition, providing a valuable source of Nitrogen compounds which promote growth and protein production, and also assist in the uptake of other minerals.

In addition, Nitrates are highly soluble and biodegradable, making application easy and avoiding the unwanted build-up of chemicals in the soil.

Apart from their use as fertilizers, Nitrates also have a wide range of other applications, ranging from animal feeds to industrial additives.  Nitrates are one of the most versatile group of chemical substances available.

Norkem has been supplying Manganese Nitrate in the form of a solution for many years. Manganese Nitrate can be used as a targeted fertilizer to correct Manganese deficiencies in crops and also act as a fungicide.

Three New Lines

This year we have introduced three other important Nitrate products into our portfolio that are used widely in the agrochemical sector and also in other industries.

One of these is Magnesium Nitrate, a much sought-after plant food additive because of the central role Magnesium plays in the production of chlorophyll. If crops are lacking in Magnesium, the resulting shortage of chlorophyll will lead to reduced photosynthesis and stunted growth. Magnesium also plays a role in activating various plant enzyme systems.

The second one is Calcium Nitrate in both solution and flake form.  Calcium Nitrate is another important fertilizer in agriculture, with Calcium being an integral component of plant cell wall structures.  Calcium Nitrate is also readily absorbed by plants for use in protein production.

Calcium Nitrate is also widely used in construction materials, most commonly as a setting accelerant for concrete and mortar.  It also has anti-freeze properties, which helps to protect concrete from frost, and makes it a useful ingredient in cold presses and other similar products.

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that we are supplying Potassium Nitrate, which has a rich and varied range of industrial and commercial uses.  It is one of the common active ingredients in toothpaste, as it combats sensitivity in teeth.  It is also used as a food preservative, an animal diuretic and features in numerous fertilizer products. Potassium is an essential mineral in plant health, playing a role in the movement of water and nutrients around the plant, photosynthesis regulation and enzyme activation.

For information on pricing and shipping of our Nitrate products, please contact our agrochemical team