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Norkem extends range of Iodine derivatives >

Iodine derivatives are used in a range of different markets and encompass products including crude iodine, potassium and sodium iodide, potassium, calcium and sodium Iodate and povidone iodine.

Now added to the portfolio are methyl iodide, silver iodide, periodic acid, Diiodosalycilic acid and Ethylene diamine dihydro iodide, which are used primarily in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Methyl iodide is used in the manufacturing of anti-cholesterol drugs, and periodic acid in the manufacture of drugs that improve the functioning of the lungs. Diiodosalycilic acid is a product from which drugs are manufactured for use in the veterinary sector.

Norkem has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical sector and understands the complexities customers face in securing supply of products complying with the industries strict regulations. The Quality Department works closely with the Commercial team to ensure that the supply chain complies fully with current legislation. The Norkem Group is also heavily involved in distribution and sales to the Food sector where products are used in the production of iodized table salt and to the Animal nutrition sector in the production of feed compounds where iodine derivatives are used to increase nutritional value.