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Norkem establishes new business entity in South Africa >

Norkem is pleased to announce that it has established Norkem Chemicals SA (PTY) Limited in South Africa. 

The Norkem Group has sourced key raw materials from South Africa for many years.  The registration of a new local company is due to an increase in domestic demand for Norkems wide range of products in a fast-growing South Africa.  This new venture will assist in the expansion of product supply to South Africa as well as materials for export to other markets served by the Norkem Group.

Africa is highly regarded as the next continent to see rapid economic growth as infrastructure improves and outside investment increases – USD $85 billion investment in infrastructure in 2010 alone.  Despite many people’s perceptions, 11 countries in Africa lead Russia, Brazil and India in the ‘ease of doing business index’.

It is a land that contains many untapped resources including huge reserves of underground water.  Land could be used in the future to grow crops and rear animals to help feed the increasing population which is expected to double from 1 billion this year to 2 billion by 2050. As a continent, it has a current GDP of USD $2,000 billion (greater than India) and an average growth in GDP of 5.2%.

Norkem developed business in Sub-Saharan countries initially through the mining sector where products are used in floatation and beneficiation processes.  Through the new operation in South Africa sales will be expanded into the Agrichemical (Fertiliser), Animal Feed and fast growing Aquaculture sectors.  Norkem’s determination to source only quality products monitored by its in-house Quality team and accredited by ISO, GMP+ and FEMAS standards ensures that both new and existing clients can benefit from their extensive Global sourcing operation.