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Barium Carbonate >

Material: Barium Carbonates main applications are in the production of glass and ceramic products. In clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles it eliminates naturally occurring soluble sulphates. Our suspensions products were developed to eliminate the handling of dusty powders in the working environment and to allow for greater control of addition rates and reduced waste.

Grades: We supply powder, free-flowing powder, high purity powder and granular material along with liquid suspensions supplied as 60% or 70% w/w solids content.

Packaging: Dry product is available in 25 kilo, 1,000 kilo or 1,100 kilo nett bags or in bulk silo tankers. Suspensions are available in 1,000 litre IBCs or bulk road tankers.

Availability: Norkem has stocks in many locations around Europe to ensure prompt delivery and has production plants manufacturing suspensions in the UK, Belgium, Spain and Australia.