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Calcium Chloride >

Material: Calcium chloride is commonly used to prevent ice formation and as a de-icer. This is particularly useful on road surfaces. It is also more effective at lower temperatures than sodium chloride. It also has uses in food applications, namely ice creams, beer production and cheeses. When distributed for this use, it usually takes the form of prills (small, white balls a few millimeters in diameter). Solutions of calcium chloride can prevent freezing at temperature as low as ?52??C (?62??F). As an ingredient, it is listed as a permitted food additive in the European Union for use as a sequestrant and firming agent with the E number E509.

Grades: Technical and Food in solid form; prilled, flakes, powder and in solutions of various strengths.

Packaging: Material is available in 25 kilo nett bags, IBC's and bulk road tankers.

Availability: Normally a stock item.