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Chemical formula: C21H30O2

Chemical Formula: C21H30O2

Grades: Cannabis Oil - Full plant oil available with CBD concentrations from 1% to 40%. Available in highly refined golden oil and darker RAW oil. All oils contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and plant compounds without the THC.

CBD Lipsomal Water Soluble – Mix with drinks or food. Meeting the EU regulatory requirements, our water soluble is 100% compliant and developed for maximum bioavailability. This vegan, all natural, water soluble is the most stable product on the market. Available in concentrations of 5% and 10%.
CBD Distillate – A full spectrum, THC free distillate that contains all the natural plant compounds. Available from 50% concentrations, up to 75% concentrations.
CBD Powder – A newly developed product and exclusive to Norkem. A 5% CBD Powdered material especially suited for protein shakes and the sports and health nutrition sector.

Packaging: Dependent on application, bulk sales tend to be larger volumes of 1kg and upwards.

Availability: Normally a stock item.

Material: Norkem are delighted to have partnered with one of Europe’s leading growers, refiners and producers of CBD products.

Bulk CBD direct from source. British made CBD products available in bulk, produced from EU approved Cannabis Sativa L. by the only large scale producer of CBD in the UK.
Supplied as CBD Oil and other derivatives containing only CBD as the active ingredient. These products are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free and as such comply fully with EU law. CBD does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC.