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Material: Iron Oxides are commonly used in oil well drilling, or as pigments in glass and ceramic applications. ColorFerox Black N60 and ColorferoxRed N66 are our product names and are a 60% solids suspension of Iron Oxide Black and a 66% solids suspension of Iron Oxide Red respectively. It is used primarily in the clay brick, tile and paver industry to alter or enhance the colour of the finished product. By adjusting the addition rate our Iron Oxide suspensions can produce a range of vibrant colours which are dependent upon the clay used and the firing conditions. Iron Oxide suspensions were developed to eliminate the handling of dusty powders in the working environment, to allow for greater control of addition rates and reduce waste.

Grades: We can supply several different grades and colours of Iron Oxides.

Packaging: Material is available in 25 kilo or 1,000 kilo nett bags (dry powder form). We can also produce liquid suspensions containing typically 60%-66% w/w solids and these are available in 1,000 litre IBCs.

Availability: Norkem holds stock in many locations around Europe to ensure prompt delivery and has a production plant manufacturing Iron Oxide suspensions in Belgium.