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Manganese Sulphate >

Chemical formula: MnSO4(H2O)
Grades: Powder and granular forms and in solution
Packaging: Material is available in 25 kilo, 1000 kilo and 1250 kilo nett bags, in IBC’s and in
bulk road tankers.
Availability: Normally a stock item
Material: Manganese Sulphate is a pale pink deliquescent/soluble solid. A form of salt that
easily dissolves in water, this chemical compound has a wide range of industrial uses.
It is primarily used in the agrochemical sector to correct Manganese deficient soil. Such
deficiency is most commonly found within peat soils and areas where the pH is high (over
6.5). Signs of Manganese deficiency include a yellowing of the younger leaves, particularly
interveinal chlorosis, and stunted growth. If the problem develops further, tan spots may also
It is easy to confuse Manganese deficiency with a lack of Magnesium. However, Magnesium
is far more mobile than Manganese and so affects the older leaves first.
Manganese is a critical element for photosynthesis, hence the yellowing effect. It also plays
an essential role in the activation of fatty acids within both animals and plants, hence its
inclusion as a trace element in numerous animal feeds.
In its soluble form, Manganese Sulphate can be applied directly to the leaves themselves
through use of a foliar feed spray. Using this method of application greatly reduces the
chance of leaf burn.
Manganese Sulphate also has applications in the leather industry. There it is used as a
catalyst in an air oxidation process to remove sulphides from tanning waste.
It is frequently used in glazes, ceramics and dyes. In the paint and ink industries it is used as
a reducing agent.