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Material: Manganor is a natural Manganese Oxide powder, it is typically used as a pigment in ceramic brick, paver and roof tiles.

Grades: Manganor has 48-50% Mn content.

Packaging: We can supply Manganor as a powder in 25 kilo or 1,000 kilo nett bags or as a liquid suspension. We sell our liquid suspension as ColorManganor N70 which is a 70% w/w solids suspension of Manganese Oxide. By adjusting the addition rate of Manganese you can turn red burning clay products grey, brown, blue or black (depending on the clay used and the firing conditions). Manganese Oxide suspension was developed to eliminate the handling of hazardous powders in the working environment and to give greater control of addition rates and reduce waste. Manganese Oxide suspension can be supplied in 1,000 litre IBCs or bulk road tankers.

Availability: Norkem holds stock in many locations around Europe to ensure prompt delivery and our suspension is manufactured at our plants in UK, Belgium, Spain and Australia.