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Material: Potassium bicarbonate, also known as Potassium Hydrogen Carbonate or Potassium Acid Carbonate, is soluble in water and is often found added to bottled water to affect taste. However it is not soluble in alcohol. It is a known raising agent and leavening agent in the baking sector of the food industry along with Sodium Bicarbonate and Ammonium Bicarbonate and is often used to lower the Sodium content of foods. Potassium Bicarbonate has widespread use in agriculture, especially for neutralizing acidic soil, and is also under consideration as an organic fungicide. Additional applications are found in the production of fire extinguishing products as a fire suppression agent.

Grades: Food and Technical.

Packaging: Material is available in 25 kilo nett bags. Custom packaging available if required.

Availability: Normally a stock item.