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Norkem Supports FSA’s Novel Foods Application For CBD  >

Norkem, the leading link in the UK chemicals supply chain, is pleased to announce their support for the Food Standard Agency’s (FSA’s) novel food application regulations of CBD products. The FSA’s novel food application process sets out the due process for analysing and producing CBD products for consumption in the United Kingdom. Under these FSA requirements, any CBD food products which do not have a validated submission before the 31 March 2021 deadline will be removed from public sale. Applications may be submitted to the FSA, and as such, the novel foods application process will restrict only unregistered products without a validated submission, allowing the unrestricted supply and sale of valid and authorised products from many leading growers and manufacturers to continue under food law. 


This authorisation process created by the FSA is designed to ensure that all CBD products meet contemporary legislation and compliance on health and safety, from growing to manufacturing to sale. This novel food legislation is so defined to incorporate any foodstuffs not in common consumption within the EU before the date of 15 May 1997. Though humans have been consuming hemp itself since long before this date, hemp-derived CBD is a different matter and still relatively new on the culinary circuit. This novel food legislation is enforced by local authorities, who advise that businesses already selling existing CBD  products during this time should be legally compliant to continue doing so, if each product is correctly labelled, is safe to eat and does not contain any substances which are addressed under existing drugs legislation.


British Cannabis is the largest grower, processor and extractor of cannabis within the UK, and announced in February of this year that it would both support and submit the novel food application to the FSA in order to continue creating and distributing their CBD products.  


Norkem is proud to support the compliant growing, distribution and sale of safe CBD products with the FSA’s novel food application process. All CBD-derived products supplied by Norkem undergo the strictest testing to ensure and safeguard compliance with legal safety standards. Norkem’s production partner of CBD oil uses EU-approved Cannabis Sativa L, and maintains an airtight supply chain to ensure the product is of the highest standards and integrity. THC free, CBD is supplied either as a CBD oil or another derivative wherein the main ingredient is CBD. 


Currently, Norkem has several grades of CBD available for purchase for use in sports nutrition, health supplements, soft and alcoholic drinks, baking and more. Our full CBD oil is available with CBD concentrations between 1% and 40%, as a highly refined golden oil or a darker RAW oil.


A water-soluble solution perfect for mixing in with drinks is Norkem’s CBD Liposomal Water Soluble option; both all-natural and fully vegan, it is available in a concentration of 10%. Finally, Norkem’s CBD Distillate is still THC-free but is a purer and more concentrated product especially suited for gummies.



In addition to our available grades and supply to industry partners, Norkem is now delighted to announce our efforts to further explore the sale of CBD to the cosmetics and homecare industries. Today, CBD is infused in various daily products such as lotions, balms, salves and beauty products which are applied to the skin, for its myriad positive properties and benefits on the body. Indeed, research indicates that the newly-identified cannabinoid receptors (or endocannabinoid system) of the skin means CBD can be absorbed into the body in various ways, opening up valuable therapeutic treatment opportunities. Norkem will continue to work closely with our supplier to provide safe, compliant CBD products and to find new avenues of value within myriad industries.