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The Norkem Group prides itself on operating to the highest standards. Our products and services are of superior quality, supported by a framework of ISO accreditation in the United Kingdom, Holland and Spain.

  • ISO - As an ISO 9001 accredited company, Norkem is dedicated to supplying customers with products conforming to agreed specifications, packaged and delivered according to current legislation.
  • FEMAS/GMP+ - We take total responsibility for our supply process, operating stringent testing, batch numbering and tracking procedures. We work hard to ensure our animal feed products conform to international quality standards, such as FEMAS and GMP+.
  • BRC – Norkem Ltd, Norkem Quimica SL, Norkem Srl and Norkem BV all hold the BRC certification and are BRC Agents and Brokers accredited. The BRC standard was the first to be recognised as meeting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmark and ensures the highest levels of competence in all key areas of food safety.
  • CBA - Norkem is a member of the Chemical Business Association (CBA) in the United Kingdom.
  • SEDEX - Norkem Limited is now part of the Global Sedex initiative joining as a Supplier (B) Member in 2018. Via its online platform Sedex allows companies to share data and measure compliance against the following: Labour standards, Health and safety, The environment and Business ethics.