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Norkem Set To Attend The Ingredients Show In July


Norkem is delighted to announce that they have confirmed their place to exhibit at The Ingredients Show, set to take place in July in Birmingham, UK.  The Ingredients Show, to be held in the NEC from the 5th-7th July, is one of the UK’s most exclusive food and drink based events for exhibiting supplements and nutritional additives. Norkem’s exhibition will feature one of the most exciting updates to our product range; our GOFOS portfolio, as well as our expanded range of Hemp products. 


How are high-fibre supplements helping fight COVID-19?


Here at Norkem, we’re proud to support the fight against COVID-19. Whether we’re supplying much-needed chemicals to the healthcare industry or helping supply laboratory stocks, we’ve been keeping vital industries moving during the pandemic and continued our chemicals supply service throughout the last year. Recent research has revealed that Norkem is helping in another unexpected way: through our provision of high-quality fibrous dietary supplements. A study of symptoms suffered by COVID-19 patients has shown that high-fibre diets may prove instrumental in helping people recover from the impact of COVID-19: particularly when it comes to minimising ‘Long Covid’ symptoms of inflammation in the gut.



GOFOS Supply Remains Strong Following Brexit


Norkem, a key part of the supply chain bringing GOFOS nationwide to the UK, has reported a surge in demand for the sugar replacement. Talks of Brexit trade deals between the EU and Israel, the home of the GOFOS production company Galam, could see trade ramping up between the two nations - clearing the way for GOFOS to be more widely introduced across the UK.


Norkem Looks Ahead to 2021


As Norkem steps into 2021, it’s safe to say the company is looking back on a complex and challenging 12 months. With Norkem’s truly international status, the company has faced numerous challenges, having to adapt to changing rules and regulations to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. As Norkem enters our 51st year of operation, it’s safe to say that Norkem has risen to these challenges, to continue as an industry leader in the chemicals supply world. 


Norkem Stocks Potassium Bicarbonate Ahead Of New Demand


Norkem is pleased to confirm a full stock of Potassium Bicarbonate ahead of newly increased demand as a result of increased global interest in the product’s capabilities. Potassium Bicarbonate is a highly useful and versatile product, which is used in several industry sectors including Food and Drink, Industrial and Animal Feed. Norkem has long supplied Potassium Bicarbonate for its myriad uses, which are now being expanded even further thanks to new research into its properties and qualities.


Norkem’s New Product GOFOS Helping Nation Tackle Health Crisis


Today, it is more important than ever to ensure that nutrition and physical health are at the forefront of our minds. Ensuring that we are in good physical health is essential during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which (in addition to exercise and hydration) means that the vitamins, fibres and minerals we consume is of paramount importance. 

As part of the campaign to protect the nation from the ongoing spread of COVID-19, the UK government has been attempting to encourage its citizens to monitor their nutritional intake and reduce their intake of refined sugars to tackle the country’s current obesity epidemic. As we have explored in previous articles, the recent analysis of obesity’s correlation with COVID-19 implied a potential 48% increased likelihood of death from the virus for those who are significantly overweight. With the nation consuming refined sugar at triple the recommended rate, the government has decided to tackle the problem at the source.